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A little over a year ago I developed Plantar Fasciitis, a condition that became increasingly painful as time went by. I had heel pain and pain in the arch of my foot. Only someone suffering from Plantar Fasciitis can appreciate just how painful this is. The pain became so bad it began to affect my daily life. I was frustrated and miserable. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Dr. Clint Frye, a Chiropractor, who told me he could treat Plantar Fasciitis. I would never have guessed a Chiropractor could help me. With Laser Treatment, Taping, and regular visits to Dr. Frye I began to feel improvement almost from day one. Within just weeks I was pain free and remain pain free with just a monthly visit to Dr. Frye.

Debbie M.

My name is Denise and I have been a patient of Dr. Frye's for about a month now. Before going to see him, I had very bad headaches, neck pain, and back pain due to stress and a hard laboring job. I was amazed at how fast my aches and pains diminished. I walked in on the first visit feeling like a 90-year old woman, and by the time I left I felt like I was a young 20-year old girl. There are so many reasons as to why I'm satisfied. Not only the great care he gives you, but Dr. Frye takes the time to educate you on what he is doing and why it's happening. In my personal opinion, Dr. Frye is a very caring doctor and will give his patients the best and utmost care. I would highly recommend him to care for any symptoms you may have. I'm glad I did. Thanks!

Denise L.

Like most people, my life had become hectic and a pain in the neck-literally. What started out as a dull ache in my shoulders from a stressful day, became a constant pain in my neck. It felt as if my head were being squeezed in a vice that wrapped around to my temples. Ouch. I sought out help from Dr. Frye and from the first visit in his office, I knew things were different. He listened to everything I said and helped me accordingly. Since then I have had only a few headaches, much better than the daily occurrence I had prior to visiting Dr. Frye. Hurray! Thank you so much!

Charity L.

Words cannot express the deepest thanks and appreciation to Dr. Clint for all he's done. June of 2008 I was diagnosed HIV positive by my former primary doctor. Living in a small rural town, the doctor was not equipped to deal with the situation. I was given very little direction what to do or where to go. I called WashU disease clinic in St. Louis, and saw two doctors. The visit lasted 20 minutes. The one doctor said nothing. The other told me I would die of pneumonia and asked if I'd like to see his nurse and she'd tell me what I was to expect in the progression of the disease. I was extrememly overwhelmed and very depressed. Then they drew 12 vials of blood labs. My viral load was through the roof at 380,000 which tells how fast the virus is replicating. My CD4 was low at 23, when the normal range is 140-260. This tells that the white blood cell "fighters" were shot and my immune system was not working at all. I was pretty much dead. I was in shock, totally overwhelmed, and didn't know what to do. I confided in a good friend and co-worker that referred me to Dr. Clint. He started me on whole food supplements to boost the immune system and get the CD4's up so my body could start healing. The second step was to do a hair analysis and put me on a blood type diet. After a period of 3-4 months I was finally starting to feel better. My viral load went undetectable and CD4's started raising dramatically. I finally have a normal healthy life back. Dr. Clint has gone above and beyond what any doctor I had dealt with had. He not only addressed my major health issues, but the kindness, honesty, and overall caring for me as an individual gave me the hope he was not going to let me go through this alone.

Thank you, Dr. Clint.


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